​​​​​​​​​​​​​Discover Lake Sylvia Fall Festival - September 16, 2017  

End of Festival Report: 5Oct2017   607 Visitors!!

​We had another great festival. First of all, thank you Candi Bachtell for once again leading the team.  This makes eight festivals that Candi has led!

​Also thanks to:Trina Young for bringing in 22 talented artist vendors, Mayor Vini for again donating a pancake breakfast, Ken and Donna Albert for arranging for great musical entertainment, Ken for soliciting donations in the community, Shirley McQuaid for leading the publicity effort and group (Carol Olson and Helen Hepp), Julie Rabey for the commercial vendors, Jerry Buendel for leading the kayak paddles, Janie Valentine for the kids' games, Ranger Miles and park staff for making the event work, all of the other volunteers who pitched in to move stages, park cars, welcome guests, etc!

​First Day Hike-January 1st

Join us every January 1 for our "First Day Hike" at Lake Sylvia. January 1st , 2018 at 1 pm.  This is a state park event and it is a Free, No Discover Pass required day. A great way to start the year. We'll have hot beverages and hikes to fit every capability....strolls along flat paths or more invigorating trails for the "hikers." Ranger Miles will be the hike leader.

​​​Annual Salmon Bake and Yule Log at Schafer

Real northwesterners never batted an eye when the rain and wind came pounding down. They all just shifted a few feet farther inside and closer to the nice fire.  

We won't have a Salmon Bake in 2017 (volunteers are taking a well deserved break) but look for one the second Saturday in October, 2018.   We home you will come to the Schafer State Park Yule Log on Sunday Dec 10th at 1 pm. We'll have a potluck, lots of hot beverages, a nice warm fire and music. The kids will hunt for the special Yule Log in the park, bring it back to the fire, chop it in pieces and then enjoy some singing. 

​​​Trillium Trek-April 22nd, 2018. 1-3pm

Every April Master Gardener Helen Hepp and park staff lead hikes/strolls/walks around Lake Sylvia counting trilliums and for the curious, identifying the many wild native plants that exist in the beautiful deep forests of the state park. FOSLS always has hot beverages and good food for the participants. We had a good hunt in 2016, beautiful weather, nice folks and a great day for being at the lake. Folks were fishing and the camp ground was filled with early campers. We counted over 600 trilliums in bloom. Normally we count several thousand but the trilliums bloomed early this year. We saw many hundreds that had already shed their blossoms. Join us in 2018 for another hunt.

​Ongoing Cleanup Projects

​​​​Cindy Burton,  head of the "Ivy Killer Team",  has led a number of work  parties at Schafer and Lake Sylvia .   Here they are working on one of 30 trees in a grove that had been overtaken by English Ivy. The te​am concentrated on  cutting vines away from the tree trunks. Some vines were three inches or more in diameter and required saws and axes. By cutting away a section of the main vine, the upper vines will die. This will prevent them from damaging the trees and will also stop them from producing seed that will then spread the ivy to a greater area.  Work times are flexible...want to feel a sense of accomplishment??  Join us. Call (360) 789-9953 for information .  Parking in the park is free for volunteers during work hours.

Yule Log - 2nd Sunday of December at Schafer State Park​, Sunday Dec 10th, 2017    1 pm at Schafer

Bring the whole family  out for another Yule Log hunt  1 pm at Schafer.  Bring some potluck food.  We'll have hot beverages and a nice fire to warm yourself. The kids will hunt for a Yule Log and of course there will be music. Make this your annual tradition.