The Lake Sylvia Legacy Project

is a project to build a multi-season pavilion along the lake at

Lake Sylvia State Park.

For more information or to contribute:
 e-mail  or call  (360) 789-9953. 

They soon realized that Lake Sylvia was primarily used during our summer months.  To increase its use during the "off seasons" the park needed some facility that would offer a gathering place with some shelter. This would allow schools, civic groups, reunions, meetings and weddings to take place without concern for the weather.  Architect Will Foster has donated professional skills over the last five years and designed a pavilion with supporting facilities that will truly make Lake Sylvia a  prime destination throughout the year. This pavilion  is designed to reflect the natural setting of the lake and forest with large log uprights, wooden beams, native wood paneled walls, reflective lighting from the peaks and a surrounding landscaped area. The pavilion will provide a meeting place for up to eighty people.  During warmer months it will be open  sided but during  the winter movable wall panels will pull out of pockets and create an enclosed area. Central to the building is a tall fireplace that  will provide warm fires during evenings  and on cold days. A kitchen area at the back of the building will support catering needs. 

   This is a beautiful building and surrounding area.......How will we pay for it? 

    In the beginning, FOSLS was going to pay for the construction. However, many requirements put that beyond our reach.  We have worked with the state park agency. The agency believes the value of this project  and the unusual aspect of the community's financial support  warrant a state grant from the Washington Wildlife and Recreation  (WWRP) funds.  This is a competitive process.  The agency staff is excited.  The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission scored this as number five out of sixteen projects up for review. We believe we will need our legislators to request funding for the remaining money and are working with the on a request.

  Back to our part of the funding. FOSLS and supporters have guaranteed at least $200,000.  The state park agency will ask for a grant to fund the reemainder. So, for every dollar you contribute, that dollar will bring in at least two more dollars.  As of today FOSLS has raised in donations and pledges of over $182,000. To make the project competitive we are focused on raising the last $18,000.  We can spread this out over the next three calendar years but we, as a community, need to act .  If we can get 200 people to pledge $200 a year we will meet that goal. We are asking for donations in any amount. If you have questions please call (360) 789-9953.  We will post questions of interest on this web site.  Thank you and enjoy your state parks.     email    Info@FOSLS,org

Eighty years ago the citizens of Grays Harbor donated Lake Sylvia to the people of Washington as a state park. Every year, thousands of people come to the park to camp, swim, picnic, renew old friendships or just sit back and enjoy this little gem of nature in our own back yard.


The Lake Sylvia Legacy...a gift  from the past and our legacy to the future generations of Washington

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In 2008 state parks and local citizen developed a plan to make the park relevant into the next century.