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​​​Annual Yule Log Hunt​​ ​ at Schafer State Park

​Sunday Dec 11th at 1 pm

​Bring the kids, neighbors, friends, your singing voice (or listening ears) and a small plate of Holiday Treatsn

​This is a tradition imported to Schafer in the 1950s.  There is a special log marked with a sprig of holly and hidden in the Schafer Forest. Once the hunt starts the "kids" will all spread out and try to find the log. When a youngster finds it everyone will gather together on a long rope to pull it back to the Yule Fire.  The one who found the log gets to start cutting it in two (with adult supervision)!  The finder will sign the old axe head with his or her name (with names as far back as 1960).   The kids will finish cutting it and then carry one half to the fire while the other half will be saved to start next year's fire.  We'll have holiday music and a set of hand chimes so everyone  can help ring and sing in the season. We'll have hot spiced tea and a warm fire. This is a low key and memorable way to celebrate the holiday season. Please join us in a beautiful state park in a winter setting. The event will take place at the group camp shelter.  Please attend and call (360) 789-9953 with any questions or comments.

​The Lake Sylvia Legacy Project:  ​Taking the treasure of Lake Sylvia State Park and adding a legacy to pass on to  generations of the next century. See our special page and find out how you can be part of this effort.

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