FOSLS works to preserve and protect our state parks for this and  future generation

Cindy Burton   Head of the "Ivy Killer Team" has led a number of work  parties at Schafer and Lake Sylvia (most recently Oct21st)   as they work to remove invasive plants. Here they are working on one of 30 trees in a grove that had been overtaken by English Ivy. The team concentrated on  cutting vines away from the tree trunks. Some vines were three inches or more in diameter and required saws and axes. By cutting away a section of the main vine, the upper vines will die. This will prevent them from damaging the trees and will also stop them from producing seed that will then spread the ivy to a greater area. The team will resume work in the fall when the weather cools. Work times are flexible...want to feel a sense of accomplishment??  Join us. Call 789-9953 for information

First Day Hike at Lake Sylvia State Park Jan 1st, 2016 1 pm

​Start off the New Year with a stroll, walk or hike at Lake Sylvia State Park. Rangers will lead a hike through the forests and around the lake. We'll have easier "strolls" for those who don't want /can't make the two mile hike. Bring the kids and show them what the world is like away from the electronics. Bring the football fans and show them there is life away from the tube!  FOSLS will have a nice fire going in the lakeside kitchen with hot drinks and snacks.  Info at (360) 789-9953

"...working together to keep ALL state parks open and operating for future generations.."

Annual Salmon Bake

​Saturday Oct 10th, 2015

It was a great day with 55 plus folks participating. Real Northwesterners nobody batted an eye when the rain and wind came pounding down. They all just shifted a few feet farther inside and closer to the nice fire. Ed Makoviney with Peter, Steve and a few helpers cooked 25 lbs of wild king filets and added that to the many tasty potluck dishes. The South Sound Story Guild told fish stories....some were real whoppers!  Trina's decorations and the work by Carol, Helen, Barbara, Sue, Lynne and Sherrie plus others made this a great day. Thanks to Ranger Darrel along with Ranger Missy and Alex for prepping the park for the event. Hopefully we'll get some pictures up soon.