"...working together to keep ALL state parks open and operating for future generations.."

FOSLS works to preserve and protect our state parks for this and  future generation


SUNDAY DEC 13th 1 pm

This is an annual event started in the 1950s.  It is a low key, great way to celebrate the holiday season.  We'll have a roaring fire in the great hall with hot spiced tea and music for everyone to enjoy. The kids will head out into the forest to find a special log marked with a sprig of holly. When found, everyone will gather on the long rope to pull it back to the fire. The child who found it gets the honor of chopping it in two (with adult help and supervision!) The axe has been used for over 50 years and we'll put the finder's name on the handle.  Then the kids will burn half of the log and save the other half to kindle the next year's fire. Everyone is asked to bring a few holiday treats to share and we'll sing carols along with accompanying "ring and sing" hand chimes. This event is a great one to make a holiday tradition.  A Discover Pass is needed for vehicle access to the park (the $$ is essential to keeping the park open) but otherwise this is a free event.

Cindy Burton   Head of the "Ivy Killer Team" has led a number of work parties at Schafer and Lake Sylvia as they work to remove invasive plants. Here they are working on one of 30 trees in a grove that had been overtaken by English Ivy. The team concentrated on  cutting vines away from the tree trunks. Some vines were three inches or more in diameter and required saws and axes. By cutting away a section of the main vine, the upper vines will die. This will prevent them from damaging the trees and will also stop them from producing seed that will then spread the ivy to a greater area. The team will resume work in the fall when the weather cools. Work times are flexible...want to feel a sense of accomplishment??  Join us. Call 789-9953 for information

Annual Salmon Bake

‚ÄčSaturday Oct 10th, 2015

During the cool fall and winter months join us at Schafer State Park for some great events. The 10th of October at 1pm is our annual salmon bake to  give thanks and enjoy our wonderful park in the company of the community. All are welcome. This year the South Sound Story Guild will present "Fish Tales".  Bring your favorite fish story to tell or sit back and listen to some other whoppers!  Please bring a small potluck dish to share. We'll provide the salmon, beverages bread and a side dish. Guests are asked to donate $7 toward expenses. Or you can join FOSLS for $15 as your contribution.  For more information or call (360) 789-9953 for more information or to help with this great event.