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Heavy Damage at Schafer State Park

​A heavy windstorm blew through the park on Tuesday March 1st, 2016. A grove of Douglas Fir trees near the large community shelter caught the brunt of the wind.  All trees (about eight) blew down and several went through the community shelter shearing off about half of the building. Fortunately, the shelter was not in use and the fireplace end was not destroyed. (See pictures on FOSLS facebook page) The area is taped off as it is a danger area. Much work is ahead to restore the park and all help is appreciated.   Call 789-9953 or email for more information. Thanks

​The Lake Sylvia Legacy Project:  ​Taking the treasure of Lake Sylvia State Park and adding a legacy to pass on to  generations of the next century. See our special page and find out how you can be part of this effort.

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